Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things): this photo creates the debate between Paris Hilton and Evan Rachel Woods!


If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown is no stranger to you. The 15-year-old actress becomes more and more loved and takes a gallon over the years. Notably thanks to his lead role in the Duffer brothers series. That’s why she has a lot of fans on her social networks. With 30 million followers on Instagram, his pictures are often commented. Moreover, Paris Hilton wanted to do it on his last series of photos.

She would have done better to abstain. Although Paris Hilton’s comment about Millie Bobby Brown was probably a good feeling. Indeed, we remind you that the young actress is only 15 years old. Despite her young age, she is already a very beautiful woman. This is probably why Paris commented “this is hot” after the last shot of the young woman.

However, this statement does not seem to have been appreciated by Evan Rachel Woods, actress holding one of the lead roles in the Westworld series. Indeed, she responded to Paris Hilton to let him know: “she is 15 years old! “. In other words, saying that Millie Bobby Brown is “hot” was not done. Following this, many fans have gone through the quarrel.

Indeed, after this comment, and the response of the Westworld actress, fans Millie Bobby Brown were eager to take part in the debate. Most, so giving Evan Rachel Woods. With many tackle against Paris as noted by our colleagues here:

“It’s the expression of Paris every time she likes something! Why do not you meddle with more interesting things? We are offended for nothing these last days. Did you have the best of you when you went out with Marilyn Manson? That’s why everyone hates you. ”

You will understand, the fans of Millie Bobby Brown do not seem so really appreciate the beautiful blonde. We do not really know which side the Stranger Things actress is, however, she can be sure that her community will defend her if new tackles come to her.

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