Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things): funny face contest on Instagram!


Millie Bobby Brown looks happier than ever and she lets her fans know. 2020 promises to be good for the actress of Stranger Things!

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown is currently buzzing on the web. We are showing you his latest photos!

Millie Bobby Brown makes her community laugh with her posts. The star has become a real it-girl on social networks. She has over 32 million Instagram followers. It must be said that the Stranger Things series allowed him to launch his career. Thus, her role as Eleven, a little girl with supernatural powers, marked the spirits!

Millie Bobby Brown remains a popular actress at 15. Also, she will play in the next film Enola Holmes, the little sister of the famous detective. The young woman should receive almost $ 7.5 million for this role. And she’s not ready to stop on such a good path. However, her fans are waiting for the actress to return in the next season of the Stranger Things series.

Millie Bobby Brown decided to post some pretty funny photos on her Instagram account. Indeed, she makes different faces, enough to amuse her community. In addition, the young woman likes to entertain her fans with her different photos and videos. However, what she loves most is singing with family and friends. Besides, she doesn’t hesitate to reveal her singing talents during her interviews.

Millie Bobby Brown also attracts many brands with millions of fans. However, she does not hesitate to promote different items like the sneakers of the brand Converse. In addition, she has her own range of make-up that hits the canvas. At just 15 years old, she became a formidable businesswoman. However, his family remains fairly present and often gives him advice. His fortune is estimated at more than 10 million dollars. In conclusion, the young woman takes full advantage of her unusual adolescence!


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