Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) appears in an ultra retro look on Instagram!


Millie Bobby Brown just posted a photo of her on Instagram! On the picture she displays a retro and chic look and make-up!

Millie Bobby Brown has just hit Instagram again! At 15, the actress of Stranger Things already detonates with her glamorous look! And her make-ups made to perfection…

Since she became famous, Millie Bobby Brown has been talking a lot … And it’s the style of the heroine of Stranger Things that makes the most ink flow! Indeed, the teenager does not hesitate to dress like an adult … But also to wear makeup as an adult!

Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown has just posted a video in her story where she displays a retro look to fall! We let you also contemplate the images in question below!

Eye liner line, red lips, perfect complexion … Millie Bobby Brown displays a perfect make-up on this video! Internet users therefore loved it. Indeed, many have commented on this look. “I love this makeup! It is superb! You’re 15 years old but you do much more makeup than most adults! “Or again:” Superb this look Millie! At the same time, simple and ultra glamorous! I have the impression that you are growing up quickly … You are already a woman! »Can we read on the social network!

However, other netizens have been much less tender with Millie Bobby Brow. Indeed, for them the flagship actress of Strangers Things and still a child, and therefore can not wear makeup as an adult! Or at least wear such pronounced makeup. “I find it horrible!” Millie makes up excessively while she has a baby skin … It’s nonsense! In this picture she is 25 years old … So that she has 15! She completely misses her youth by disguising herself as an adult! Can we read on Instagram.


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