Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) 15 years old: the look of the actress is more and more assertive!


Millie Bobby Brown has it all! At 15, the look of the actress Stranger Things has everything an adult …

Since she became famous, Millie Bobby Brown has been talking a lot … And it’s the style of the heroine of Stranger Things that makes the most ink flow! Indeed, the teenager does not hesitate to dress and make up as an adult! Choices that are often criticized by Internet users.

Yet this time, users fell in love with his last picture! On the cliche she posted on Instagram, Millie looks like a femme fatale! She has curly hair and a very pronounced make-up, especially on the eyes! We let you see for yourself below! Sublime, is not it?

If his latest publication is a real success on Instagram, with more than 4 million likes … These posts on the social network are far from conquering users! Indeed, in January 2019, Millie Bobby Brown had even been targeted after posting a snapshot of her in a very sexy dress. The heroine of Stranger Things had even had to answer a negative comment. “I know everyone wants me to behave like a girl of my age. But it’s my Instagram account and if you do not like the content … just go your way. So had Millie written.

Despite these different criticisms, last summer Millie Bobby Brown released a collection in collaboration with the Converse brand. The 15-year-old actress was inspired by her love of the ocean to choose the color and patterns of sneakers. His collection, entitled “Millie By You”, sold like hotcakes! The proof that the teenager has everything a real star!


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