Millie Bobby Brown spends a huge amount of her fortune on this one thing


Millie Bobby Brown is no longer just an actress. She became a brand. A name that is familiar to everyone, from baldness for the show to the launch of her cosmetics line, Millie has done everything. And this at such a young age. It really justifies the saying that age is just a number. Along with fame, Millie earned a lot.

She made her debut as a young Alice in the ABC television series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland at the age of nine, and also appeared in Intruders. But her big breakthrough came in 2016 with the drama series “Stranger Things.” Her performance in the role of Eleven was a decisive moment in her career. According to reports, the star of “Stranger Cases” earns more than $ 300,000 for each episode, increasing his net worth. In the third season alone, she earned more than $2.7 million. But what is she doing with all this money? Fortunately, we have found the answer to it.

Millie Bobby Brown spends money on a noble cause

Millie Bobby Brown is a man with a pure heart. She earns a lot of money, but does not forget to give. Brown focuses on volunteering, despite her early success and fame. She helped raise $40,000 for the Olivia Hope Foundation through her cosmetics business Florence by Mills.

Cutting-edge British health workers recently received a donation of almost $20,000 from a UNICEF goodwill ambassador to support them during the COVID-19 outbreak, proving that she has also not forgotten her roots in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Only a few organizations that Brown has donated to include the Entertainment Industry Foundation, the LIV Foundation, and the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

In particular, Brown seems to have devoted a lot of time and resources to UNICEF since becoming famous. Brown was the youngest person to be appointed a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, and she even applied to the UN in this role.

Well, it looks like Millie will win hearts both on and off the screen. Have you ever donated something? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to watch Millie in the TV series “Stranger Things” on Netflix.


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