Millie Bobby Brown soon in the Narnia remake?


Could Millie Bobby Brown star in Narnia? The Media Screenrant claims that the actress is approached to play in the feature film.

Could Millie Bobby Brown star in the next Narnia movie soon? The Screenrant media advance that the young woman is approached to play in the continuation of the successful saga.

The American actress already has a busy filmography. Indeed, the 16-year-old young woman, who began her career very young, is in great demand by directors and producers around the world.

Viewers discovered him in the Stranger Things series. Since then, there has been no shortage of projects for the actress. At the same time, she launched her cosmetics brand.

And it’s a hit! Her brand Florence by Mills was therefore recently nominated for the 2020 Beauty Awards. A nice distinction for the Stranger Things actress at only 16 years old!

Last I heard, Millie Bobby Brown is tipped to star in the upcoming Narnia. The media claim that the pretty brunette was approached by a famous producer …


The Screenrant media writes: “Millie is overwhelmed with projects. She could add another string to her bow, playing in the next Narnia. ” And that’s not all.

The media reports that the young woman would be perfect in the role of Jill Pole. “She has a beautiful soul. She has an important role in The Silver Chair. As well as The Last Battle ”.

Recently, Millie has been featured in Enola Holmes on Netflix. A composition role for the young woman who co-starred with Henry Cavill.

All of these projects therefore make the actress one of the highest paid actresses in the world. Millie Bobby Brown’s fortune now stands at over $ 14 million. Just that.

A nice sum which is therefore close to that received by Daniel Radcliffe who therefore received double for each Harry Potter film. By joining the cast of Narnia, Millie Bobby Brown could therefore greatly increase her income.


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