Millie Bobby Brown Shows Off Her Writing Skills by Announcing Her First Book, Nineteen Steps


Actress, entrepreneur, producer, you name it, and Millie Bobby Brown covers it all at the ripe old age of nineteen. The actress took her first steps in the industry at the age of eleven, playing Eleven in “Stranger Things”, and became famous for herself and the series. The actress has proven her wide acting range in various projects, such as “Enola Holmes”, “Godzilla” and, most importantly, in “Stranger Things”. However, there is more to Brown than just a game, and this became apparent when she became a UNICEF ambassador. From business to manufacturing, she tries water in various fields. And her new project is a hint of that.

The actress of the TV series “Stranger Things” produced a very successful sequel to her film “Enola Holmes 2”. And no, this is not a cosmetic launch.

Millie Bobby Brown will play a new role

When “Stranger Things” gained popularity and more and more people witnessed Millie Bobby Brown’s masterpiece, they were often amused by how mature she was for her age. Speaking well is one thing, but Brown has shown an unprecedented level of understanding and maturity that is not associated with her age. She was even famously rejected for being too mature. The British actress is finally taking the pen in her own hands. Literally, since she announced her debut novel Nineteen Steps on her Instagram. The novel takes place during World War II and is inspired by events from her own family history.

The cast of the series “Stranger Things” has been gaining momentum lately. It seems that Noah Schnapp will not be the only one who will succeed in a profession other than acting. At a time when many celebrities are releasing memoirs, it is noteworthy that Brown is writing a novel.

What is “Nineteen Steps” about? When will it be released?

Roman Brown, as stated in her Instagram post, will take us far away from the hustle and bustle of the digital world in the ironically quieter times of the Second World War, when most of the noise came from air raids. As in most stories of that era, the main character of Brown’s novel, 18-year-old Nellie Morris, discovers that her life has been turned upside down due to a tragic accident during an air raid.

The story is specially created in Bethnal Green, in London’s East End. The specific location may have something to do with the fact that it borrows examples from Brown’s family history. Although the fact that she speaks well is an indisputable fact, it takes more to become a great writer. We will find out on September 12 when it will be released, or you can pre-order.

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