Millie Bobby Brown reveals the cities she visits!


Millie Bobby Brown is hugely successful. The starlet unveiled the most beautiful cities she has visited in the past.

Millie Bobby Brown has enjoyed enormous success for several years. The actress revealed the most beautiful cities she has visited in recent years.

Millie Bobby Brown is a frequent traveler. The starlet rose to prominence several years ago in the Stranger Things series. For more than four years, she has put herself in Eleven’s shoes on Netflix and has been a huge success. In fact, fans of the show can’t wait to see her again very soon for another season.

At the moment, it seems unclear when the new episodes will arrive on Netflix. Filming is delayed due to Covid-19 and the channel has not revealed a broadcast date. For their part, the actors had to stop shooting the episodes several times and seem just as helpless as the fans.

Still, Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t get down on her feet and has a busy schedule. At the age of 16, the actress has built a real empire. Indeed, she created her cosmetics brand Florence By Mills and offers many treatments for young girls. Her fans are also numerous to test his products.

The star is therefore very popular and is in great demand. Fans were able to see her on Netflix alongside Henry Cavill in the movie Enola Holmes. So she has already done a lot of things and is living a real daydream. Not to mention that she had the chance to go to many countries and confided in this subject.


Millie Bobby Brown must have traveled a lot thanks to the films and been to several very beautiful locations for the shoots. However, she was also able to count on her parents to go on vacation and show her around beautiful places. In fact, she has fond memories of it and does not hide it on Instagram.

This Monday, January 18, the starlet wanted to answer questions from fans. Thus, she confided to have been in China, in Japan, but also in some countries of South America. She then revealed the cities she had really loved visiting. “I visited a lot of places, but Beijing and Tokyo were great places to see,” she said.

Thus, Millie Bobby Brown seems to have a passion for the countries of Asia. She must have felt completely out of place and must have loved it. Nonetheless, there is also another place she dreams of returning to when she can travel again. “I miss Australia,” she told her fans on Instagram.

However, as with everyone, the actress will have to be patient in order to be able to visit beautiful places again. Covid-19 is preventing the most frequent travelers from being able to travel abroad. As a result, the star is not ready to return to China or Australia …


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