Millie Bobby Brown reveals her quarantined routine!


Millie Bobby Brown seems well used to quarantine! The actress seems to prepare every day in the same way to keep fishing… So she manages to have a real confinement routine. The lady remains happy and focused on the future!

The days at home follow each other, and therefore, are alike … While the French can start going out on Monday, the Americans will stay at home. So you have to get used to spending sad and repetitive days … So you have to find a routine!

Millie Bobby Brown reveals her own to us. In her story Insta, the actress admits it: she starts her every day with a few caresses to her dogs. A sweet moment, therefore sharing … Important to have a smile when you wake up.

Then the actress sings. She has so many routine songs that she seems to be screaming in her house. She therefore gives herself the desire to advance in music … It must indeed be admitted that music makes it possible to pass the time and restore morale.

The most important ? “Stay creative”! Because an actress does not necessarily live well in her confinement … Far from the stage, from Stranger Things, she must therefore always look further. Forget so that it will not play, nor will it turn for a while, keeping its desire …

But also by remaining beautiful! Several stars like Iris Mittenaere have decided to stop the varnish to let their nails rest … Not Millie Bobby Brown! Each morning, the actress gets a makeover … As if she was going out and life did not change!

Then you also have to let go … After singing, you have to dance! The actress’s routine seems very well prepared: pretty one-piece pajamas. And she has everything she needs to improvise a dance!

To finish her routine, Millie Bobby Brown wants to keep one thing in mind: “stay positive”! Times are tough, between covid-19, confinement … Keeping morale up is paramount!


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