Millie Bobby Brown reveals details about her meditation routine


Millie Bobby Brown, who is only 18 years old, has a brilliant career to take care of. She is at the same time an outstanding actress, an entrepreneur, a fashion diva, and to top it all off, a wonderful person from and to. Thriving in her profession, the star has also balanced her personal life well. But what made us think that?

In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, the star shared insightful tips on how to support herself both physically and mentally. Brown has shed light on the importance of therapy, self-care and how she manifests all this in her routine. Most importantly, she shared how music and training helped her keep the peace in her life.

Millie Bobby Brown tells how Taylor Swift’s collections help her in training

The only thing Brown insisted on the most was her training. Even in short periods of time, the star likes to ride the peloton while listening to Taylor Swift’s album. It was then that she scared the guards away from musical tastes. The star said that she is a big fan of the pop singer, saying: “I’m obsessed with the Taylor Swift collection.”

Later, she also added that Taylor’s album was the only one she drives. Millie said that sweating was no longer a routine, it became something she loves to do. Since Brown fully owns the fashion brand Florence by Mills, Claire had several other questions that the star of the TV series “Very Strange Things” had to answer.

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In addition to the gym schedule and exercises, Millie had something to inspire us with. She also talked about her therapy sessions, playing with puppies and even a balanced diet. In addition, Millie shared her skin care regime and what she uses in her previous work.


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