Millie Bobby Brown: the real reason she shaved her head!


In the Stranger Things series, actress Millie Bobby Brown appears on screen with her head completely shaved. She finally gives explanations on this new hairstyle.

Being an actor is never easy. You often have to make physical sacrifices to make your character even more believable. It’s not Jared Leto who can pretend otherwise!

The actor has always had a very slim figure. But for his role Mark Chapman, the murderer of John Lennon, in the movie “Chapter 27”, he had to transform!

Indeed, the latter had to take around thirty kilos to match his character. And there is no shortage of examples! Charlize Theron, in “Monster”, also gained 15 pounds.

In short, there are many physical metamorphoses for a film! Besides, Millie Bobby Brown also had to sacrifice her beautiful hair for her role in the Stranger Things series.

Thus, the interpreter of the character “Eleven” had to get out of his comfort zone! In fact, the 16-year-old actress shaved her whole head. A real challenge for her who was only 12 years old at the time!

For Millie Bobby Brown, shaving your head is a real challenge. Fortunately, she can count on her film crew to support her. And above all encourage it!

Besides, it was her colleagues who pushed her to pass the course! But how did they get there? Millie Bobby Brown finally reveals the reason!

While her parents fear that her shaved head will become a drag on her next film projects, her film crew reassures the girl.

Indeed, they compare her to the famous actress Charlize Theron. She too had to shave her head for her role in the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road”. And she was still so beautiful!

Thus, the screenwriter Matt Duffer would have said to him: “Isn’t Charlize badass? You’re going to be badass too. And you have to believe that his arguments were very convincing, since Millie Bobby Brown ended up doing it!

In fact, the teenager was filmed while her head was shaved and posted on her Instagram account. “The day I shaved my head was the most powerful moment of my life,” she wrote.

But that’s not all ! She wanted to send a message through this gesture. “That of inspiring other girls, that our image, our external appearance is not what is most important to me. “


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