Millie Bobby Brown pays tribute to police-killed Breonna Taylor!

When George Floyd died on Monday May 25, many people cried injustice on social media. Millie Bobby Brown hailed her memory. Then she paid tribute to Breonna Taylor.

George Floyd is dead! Today, his death is categorized as murder. The culprits? Four police officers, one of whom kept his knee on his neck.

The goal ? Prevent him from breathing despite warnings from passers-by. But also and above all despite the last poignant words spoken by the 46-year-old African American.

“I’m not breathing anymore, I’m suffocating …”. The video broadcast live on Facebook Live by a passerby therefore toured social networks.

And it has also marked the whole world. And for good reason ! In addition to shocking internet users, it therefore showed that police violence was still as present in 2020.

This is the reason why several demonstrators united to shout “no” at the injustice. And “yes” to change! “Yes” to the arrest of the four police officers!


Several stars have also joined this fight. Omar Sy is the perfect example. His speech moved the world. But he is not the only one !

Cardi B, Emily Ratajkowski, Sophia Bush… Or even Millie Bobby Brown! The latter also decided to pay tribute to Breonna Taylor.

Eh yes ! Remember that African-American woman who died at the age of 26 from police brutality. As a reminder, after launching a search of her home, she received eight bullets from the police.

Millie Bobby Brown shared photos of her on her Instagram account to commemorate her memory. The poor woman was also a victim of racism.

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Millie Bobby Brown is therefore very involved in this fight. For the past few days, she has been constantly sharing publications against injustice.



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