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Millie Bobby Brown overrated by the media?


Millie Bobby Brown came to prominence at a young age thanks to Stranger Things. The actress could be a little too hypersexualized.

Millie Bobby Brown has been a hit for several years. The young woman wants to be very requested and could well be too hypersexualized by the media.

Millie Bobby Brown Too Hypersexualized For Her Young Age? The actress first came to prominence when she was only 12 years old on the Stranger Things series. For several years, the young woman has put herself in Eleven’s shoes and has met with enormous success. In fact, fans can’t wait to see Season 4 on Netflix.

The actress has seen her popularity explode thanks to the series. Since then, it has shown itself to be essential and everyone is struggling. A few months ago, the 16-year-old actress got the chance to star alongside Henry Cavill. She starred in the film Enola Holmes on Netflix. Then, she also builds a real empire.

In addition to her successful acting career, Millie Bobby Brown owns a cosmetics brand. A few years ago, she created her brand Florence By Mills for teens. Thus, the young woman is very present on social networks and does not hesitate to put herself forward to sell her products.

The starlet has been doing well over 16 years on social media. Indeed, she often poses very makeup and represents many brands. Thus, the young actress finds herself hypersexualized against her will and has a hard time coping with it.


Although Millie Bobby Brown already has a great career, she is above all a teenager. So, she tries to stay an ordinary girl and loves spending time with her pets when she’s not filming. However, the media always emphasize a little more her photos considered “sexy” and she often makes the buzz because of it.

As TeenVogue reveals, Millie doesn’t try to show off her body on social media. Nevertheless, the media are doing everything to highlight his physique and use all means. So, before she even turned 13, the young actress was named one of the “sexiest actresses of all time.”

Millie Bobby Brown does not want to get into scandals and therefore has not made any statement about it. Yet her co-star Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy in Stranger Things, is tired of being hypersexualized. So she pointed out this big concern and defended Millie.

“This problem poses so many questions. Usually, from my perspective, I tell myself that they are hypersexualized. I feel protective of the younger ones, even though they are no longer children but adolescents, ”she told the Independent. For Natalia Dyer, it’s important to let young actresses like Millie grow up quietly.



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