Millie Bobby Brown is the highest-paid actress under 18!


Millie Bobby Brown is the highest-paid actress under 18. It must be said that the young girl connects the big projects.

Millie Bobby Brown is starting to gain quite a reputation. It must be said that the young woman plays in many Netflix creations. After her role in Stranger Things she embarked on a feature film. She then became the highest paid underage actress.

Enola Holmes was a real hit on Netflix. And this film allowed the young actress to play alongside great actors. Like for example Henry Cavill but also Helena Bonham Carter. So since then, she has started to earn a good living.

She is a staple figure for Netflix. And yet, Millie Bobby Brown is not even 18. She therefore has a great career. But already, when she was playing Eleven in Stranger Things, the girl was touching a lot.

We were talking about $ 350,000 per episode here. An astronomical sum for a young girl who is still a teenager. Enough to turn the heads of more than one person. Still, the actress tries to keep it simple and keep her feet on the ground.


But since then, Millie Bobby Brown’s fortune has risen to more than $ 14 million. Sums which are similar to those received by the young actors in Harry Potter. It will be recalled that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson were only about ten years old.

They came out of this huge production, millionaires and very well known. It’s a bit the same fate for Millie Bobby Brown. Except that the projects are more diverse. After the Stranger Things series, the young actress manages to diversify.

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So after Enola Holmes, what will be her next project? Several Netflix adaptations but also a Blockbuster: Godzilla vs. King Kong. Big films that could be a big hit. So 2021 promises to be another promising year for the young actress. Courage to her.


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