Millie Bobby Brown is ready to win a big cash prize!


Some stars are rather greedy in terms of cachet … Including the young actress of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown!

Did Millie Bobby Brown take the big head? It looks like the Stranger Things actress doesn’t want a trifle in terms of pay. The 17-year-old seems to want to enrich herself a little more by playing her role of Eleven, all in all. How far is she ready to go?

Among peoples, all means are good to raise more and more money. Even more so when you are a big name and want us in a movie or a series.

So some actors have a reputation for being greedy when it comes to talking about money. Much like Millie Bobby Brown, it seems.

The young woman would then have claimed a bigger fee for her performance in a successful Netflix series: Stranger Things. She has been known to the public for over 4 years as Eleven.

So it’s not so surprising to learn that at 17, she now wants to earn more than her current salary. Neither one nor two, she would have already warned Netflix which will have to get used to it …

Millie Bobby Brown obviously looks well paid already. Not enough to the taste of the young woman who wants us to take her a little more seriously …

Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Win Even More In Stranger Things!


It can be said, Millie Bobby Brown has come a long way since her first role. Of course, it was her performance in Stranger Things that made her so famous.

She plays Eleven, a young woman with supernatural gifts. The little girl has grown a lot since time and is now asking for a bigger fee!

After all, she recently played Henry Cavill in the Elona Holmes series. Why not give her what she wants today?

According to information from We Got This Covered, the young woman has already urged Netflix to pay her more. This, even though the 4th season made her the highest-paid teen actress in the industry.

At that time, she earned no less than $ 350,000 for 3 episodes. A salary equal to that of Winona Ryder, co-star of Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things.

That said, Winona has a lot more bottles than Millieā€¦ If Netflix agrees to pay her 100,000 dollars more than the others, Millie would therefore be the highest paid on the show.

Her incredible salary must in any case make a good number of her colleagues in the profession envious. To put that in perspective, Miley Cyrus was paid $ 15,000 per episode for Hannah Montana.

Of course, the two shows just have nothing to do with it. Especially since Stranger Things is one of the biggest productions of the most famous SVoD platform in the world.


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