Millie Bobby Brown is going out with Florence from Mills!


Actress Millie Bobby Brown shows her support for Kamala Harris on her Instagram account! We give you more details.

Millie Bobby Brown supports Kamala Harris on her Instagram account!

This Wednesday, January 20, therefore, marked a historic day in the history of the United States. Indeed, the Americans have welcomed their new president.

Joe Biden therefore officially becomes the 46th president. January 20 will also mark the end of Donald Trump’s mandate.

The latter has in fact left his presidential functions, promising all the same to return “in any form”. Eh yes. It should be noted that since the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory, the United States has come close to civil war. Just that.

It must be said that several celebrities, including Millie Bobby Brown were proud of the result. But that victory was marred by pro-Trump protests.

Even worse. The latter even attacked one of the greatest symbols of American democracy. They indeed broke into the Capitol on January 6.

An attack that shocked the whole world. Trump himself had said he was shocked by the situation. Yet it was these messages on Twitter that encouraged his supporters to attack the American monument. Eh yes.

These words therefore exceeded all his expectations. He has indeed lost control. Eh yes !

Now the Americans have been able to turn the page on this chaotic episode. Today, the people are showing their support for their new President Joe Biden and his extraordinary government.

Millie Bobby Brown shared a post to show support for Kamala Harris. We tell you everything.


Millie Bobby Brown therefore used her Florence by Mills brand account to show her support. Kamala Harris is the first woman to hold this position. Eh yes !

But he’s also the first African-American person! A first in the history of the United States. Eh yes !

“Today marks a powerful and momentous moment in history. Millie Bobby Brown writes on her Instagram post. She says this can serve as an example for all young women.

In her photo, there is a quote from Kamala Harris. It is for all young women. “You are powerful. And your voice counts ”we can read.

The young actress is therefore very proud to share the same values. “We must stick together and encourage each other to always do better” adds the young woman.

It must be said that the election of Joe Biden and the choice of his government give the American people a lot of hope. Especially after Trump’s 4 years of racism and tyranny. It’s a real victory. Eh yes !

When you look at the new members of Joe Biden’s government, you notice a lot of diversity. Eh yes. The 46th US president has in fact chosen to surround himself with people who are like his people. Stay tuned, up close.


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