Millie Bobby Brown is a fan of “Don’t Stop Believin” sound!


Millie Bobby Brown has revealed her favorite song to her fans! The actress is a fan of an unmissable sound from the Glee series. We tell you everything!

Millie Bobby Brown has made a new confidence to her fans! Indeed, the star has revealed her secret to stay motivated in the morning. And surprise! The star listens to a famous song from the Glee series on repeat to be in a good mood!

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most popular stars on the Internet! Indeed, the pretty blonde has been a hit on Instagram since her appearances in the successful Netflix series.

The 16-year-old therefore uses the famous social network to stay in touch with her fans. She shares her adventures and news every day on her profile. We love !

The actress now has a huge community! She has more than 42 million followers who can’t do without her!

Millie Bobby Brown therefore redoubles her efforts to stay close to her admirers despite her success. Indeed, the star continues to respond to some fans, and often repost their messages via his story!

But that’s not all ! The actress also organizes small FAQs to answer all Internet users’ questions.

Last night, Millie Bobby Brown therefore spent his evening responding to his followers. And surprise! The star has made some amazing revelations about her!


For once, Millie Bobby Brown received thousands of questions from internet users. So she replied to some of them to say more about her private life.

Food, best friends, unpublished photos… the star has thrown around many files about her. But that’s not all ! She also gave some little tips to her fans!

An internet user asked Millie Brown for the title of her favorite song to motivate himself. And surprise! The star is a die-hard fan of “Don’t Stop Believ’In” from the Glee series.

The pretty blonde loves to listen to the famous cover of the series before leaving for work. She shares a photo from her radio station where the track is looping.

It has been several years since the music of Glee was released in stores. And yet, Millie Bobby Brown still can’t get enough of it!

The It girl loves to listen to this music to get in good shape before a long day at work. It must be said that the song is very catchy!

Internet users loved this little secret from the star. Many of them are therefore likely to listen to Glee’s song to adopt the legendary good humor of Millie Bobby Brown!

Once again, the bomb was therefore unanimous with its story! It just goes to show that the actress has a real influence on her community! And this last one has not finished surprising us!


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