Millie Bobby Brown in white t-shirt and nostalgic for summer


Pretty actress Millie Bobby Brown shares summer outfit pic on social media! We give you more details. Millie Bobby Brown shares a photo in a cute summer outfit on her Instagram account!

The young actress seems nostalgic for summer and good weather. But the young woman can still go back to her memories to warm her heart.

Thus, Millie Bobby Brown shared a photo of her that obviously dates from this summer. On her Instagram post, we see her in a long white shirt and a yellow swimsuit underneath.

The pretty blonde is styled in a long braid. Millie Bobby Brown also wears sunglasses on her head.

The young woman is sitting in a car with her little dog on her knees. The furball and his mistress both look out the window. In any case, both seem to be enjoying the good weather!


In this period of extreme cold, we must admit that we regret the mild summer temperatures. This is also the case of Millie Bobby Brown who therefore shared an old photo on her Instagram account.

“Summertime” writes the pretty actress in the caption of her post. She also frames her text with two sunflower-shaped emojis. Which expresses the spirit of summer quite well.

Millie Bobby Brown fans loved their favorite star’s new post very much. The photo collects more than 3,231,000 likes in just a few hours! Just that.

They also left him a lot of comments. Indeed, many took the opportunity to let him know how much he loved her!

There are several declarations and heart-shaped emojis! You should know that the young woman has a large community. In fact, she has more than 40 million subscribers on Instagram!


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