Millie Bobby Brown in investigative mode in the movie!


On Sunday, the first Godzilla vs Kong trailer was released. And Millie Bobby Brown seems to play the role of investigator.

For weeks now, the release of Godzilla vs Kong has been highly anticipated. And for good reason, since the casting announcement, Millie Bobby Brown fans have been very impatient. The trailer for the film has just been released. Enough to make the fans wait.

Millie Bobby Brown is highly regarded by her many fans. On Instagram, the social media star has 41.9 million subscribers.

Since her revelation in Stranger Things, the teenager has never ceased to seduce internet users. Indeed, first a Netflix star, the young girl becomes a real star on the Web.

With her pretty pictures and her very own naturalness, Millie Bobby Brown reaches the hearts of all her fans. In fact, the actress is very close to her subscribers.

The most popular teenager around the clock is always full of new projects. Indeed, after cinema and social networks, the pretty brunette has embarked on makeup.

Thus, Millie Bobby Brown therefore created her own brand of cosmetics. Florence By Mils is already having great success. And for the new businesswoman, it’s still a box office.

The young actress always seems very attentive. To satisfy her fans, Millie Bobby Brown even started a YouTube channel. She explains how to use her makeup products.

Despite this very eventful new life, the young girl does not forget her acting career. The latter is playing in Godzilla vs Kong.


Millie Bobby Brown has very loyal fans. Thus, the latter are impatient to find her in the cinema.

To their delight, the cast of Godzilla vs Kong announced the teenager’s presence. Fans were so excited to see what role their favorite actress would play in this Adam Wingard film.

Godzilla vs Kong is actually the fourth installment of MonsterVerse. This franchise was created in 2014 by Legendary and Warner.

Indeed, after the release of Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla 2 – King of the Monsters, it is the turn of Godzilla vs Kong to see the light of day. And that’s not to displease action fans.

This feature film will bring together two great famous monsters: Godzilla and Kong. The story promises to be rich in twists and turns and in suspense.

Besides, the production gave some information. The film will therefore be about: “A human conspiracy that threatens to eradicate these creatures, whether good or bad, from the face of the planet. “.

The film was initially due to reach theaters in March 2020. And yet, because of the health crisis, the release has been postponed.

But don’t panic, Millie Bobby Brown should be back on the big screen on March 17th. Finally, if there is no new lockdown. To be continued.


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