Millie Bobby Brown: her ideas for a better post-Covid-19 world!


Millie Bobby Brown speaks as UNICEF Ambassador to discuss the post-Covid-19 world with other members.

Millie Bobby Brown is still involved in the life of Unicef. The 16-year-old speaks for the organization in a Live about the Covid-19.

At the end of the health crisis, associations meet to share their recommendations. Among them, the United Nations Children’s Fund has just organized a Live.

And this, in order to discuss the post Covid-19 world. As an active member of the organization, Millie Bobby Brown therefore spoke during the event. The opportunity for her to once again defend the cause of the youngest.

For the actress, the adults of tomorrow therefore have an important role to play. Particularly after the coronavirus crisis which has just affected the whole world.

However, a problem persists. Adolescents and children do not have enough say. “The problem is not that the voice of young people is not strong enough. Then explained Millie Bobby Brown.


According to the star, young people are simply not taken seriously when they should, on the contrary, be heard. Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown seems convinced that they have the power to make a difference.

Besides, the actress already indicates that they took part in this change during the crisis. According to her, the young people were able to fight against the virus thanks to many acts.

“By joining their community to protect the vulnerable. By using school technologies in order to create protective equipment… ”

Millie Bobby Brown therefore seems optimistic. Outside Unicef, she continues to fight racism through social media. She also actively participates in events taking place across the country.


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