Millie Bobby Brown: Has her role in Godzilla been revealed


Millie Bobby Brown will be back in service! The young actress is preparing to return to her role in Godzilla: her second film at the cinema!

Millie Bobby Brown will therefore have had to wait… While Godzilla vs. Kong was due out on November 18, he is still waiting in the boxes. But the young actress should not wait long.

After weeks of debate, it could indeed be that Warner has found a solution! Because the film promises to be more spectacular than its financial fallout. Even Legendary doesn’t believe it.

Warner Bros has indeed decided to make the film available on its platform the same day it is released in theaters! Despite a big casting carried by Millie Bobby Brown, the production is therefore afraid of the belly…

But WB is not giving up. Netflix would have offered 250 million dollars to have the rights… refused. Legendary didn’t see it that favorably, even though the money kept the production back on track.

The two groups have indeed committed $ 160 million to shoot Godzilla vs. Kong. But between the failure of the previous film and the covid, it may well be that Millie Bobby Brown cannot do everything alone …


The soon-to-be-17-year-old actress is back in her first film role: Madisson Russel. Adventurous, as Eleven can be in Stranger Things, she might come up against bigger than herself …

Godzilla and King Kong indeed threaten to destroy the entire planet in a clash of titans! How can Millie Bobby Brown prevent such carnage? Answer in March or next May …

Because the film is set to premiere on May 19 if all goes well. Meanwhile, HBO Max is announcing the film’s arrival on its platform on March 26. Another hiccup in the organization!

While the special effects and the cast promise, the disputes and misguided productions are likely to get the better of Godzilla’s theatrical entries… Unless Millie Bobby Brown comes to the rescue too!


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