Millie Bobby Brown has changed a lot since Stranger Things


Since season 1 of Stranger Things, the teenager Millie Bobby Brown has evolved a lot physically. It’s before/after is amazing!

According to the first images of Millie Bobby Brown in season 1 of Stranger Things, the actress has changed a lot.

The time flies! In season 1 of the Stranger Things series, the whole world discovers a very talented child: Millie Bobby Brown.

An actor game that leaves viewers speechless. Indeed, the interpreter of Eleven (Eleven) – who is only 12 years old in the heart of summer 2016 – plays her role wonderfully.

If the science fiction series quickly caused a sensation, so did the pre-teen! Alongside her friendly friends, the actress is hired for a second season. A third, then a fourth.

And to this day, the teenager also stars in the movie “Enola Holmes” in order to play the sister of Sherlock Holmes. A truly remarkable development, isn’t it?

However, the world of the 7th art is not the only place in which the little protégé of Miley Cyrus evolves. Today, she is a true fashion icon. Which earned her a lot of criticism …

So, it is clear that Millie Bobby Brown no longer looks like at all her beginnings in the cinema. Besides, the pretty 16-year-old brunette is already one of the tallest in Hollywood. The class!


No one can ignore Millie Bobby Brown’s career, but also physical evolution. And for good reason, the pretty brunette showed off her shaved head in season 1 of Stranger Things.

Besides, the child wore no trace of makeup at that time. While today, she is criticized for being far too sexualized at her age. She is only 16 years old!

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But that’s not all! The clothes are no longer the same either. At the start of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown opted for large T-shirts, far too long for her.

To date, the teenager does not hesitate to dare outfits very close to the body. The more chic and elegant, the better!


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