Millie Bobby Brown has a nice answer to Enola Holmes’ question, which, according to her, she has never been asked


We just needed to know!

We enjoy the flow of programs and films in which the characters deftly break the fourth wall in order to directly address the audience, colorfully commenting on the action in a given scene or seasoning with understanding that the viewer might not have noticed. It’s not a new concept, anyway. We loved every time Ferris Bueller did this throughout the John Hughes comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ryan Reynolds uses this trick very effectively in his films about Deadpool, and Tatiana Maslany often used it in the recent Disney+ series “The Hulk Woman”. And then there is Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown), the younger sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill), in films that you can watch on a Netflix subscription. But who is Enola talking to?

We had the opportunity to chat with the actors of the upcoming sequel “Enola Holmes 2”, which continues the adventures of a novice private investigator, whom we met in a charming and funny 2020 film. Read our review of Enola Holmes right here. In this story, the game begins again, as Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) agrees to help a young girl find her missing sister. And when she goes on her adventures, she usually turns to the camera and talks to… someone. So I asked Brown who she was talking to and she told me:

My mom. Yes, and in general, it’s funny, no one has ever asked me this question. So you’re the first! Yes, I always think about my mom. I always think about talking to my mom, and I kind of say, “And it’s well done!” And so am I. So I usually, I think about my mom.

And now I will never be able to watch any of the films about Enola Holmes without thinking about Millie Bobby Brown’s incredibly sweet confession. The way she addresses the audience at key moments of the Enola Holmes films is incredibly charming, showing a funny side of Brown that we don’t see very often in “Very Strange Things,” where her character is much more tense (and prone to crying on set).

It works very well, especially when this charming actor is paired with the wonderful Henry Cavill, whose reaction to Brown is amazing. So far, as we approach the broadcast date of “Enola Holmes 2,” the reviews have been solid, and our own Eric Eiseberg called this film better than its predecessor. This could easily be a franchise that will support both Brown and Cavill for years to come… although they are both connected to other important objects — although one is ending (“Stranger Things”) and the other seems ready to take off again (Cavill as Superman).).

Head to Netflix starting November 4th to find out what Enola Holmes has in mind for her latest adventure.


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