Millie Bobby Brown has fun on TikTok with her co-star Noah Schnapp!


Millie Bobby Brown is having fun! The actress finds Noah Schnapp … And has fun with her partner from Stranger Things on TikTok!

When Millie Bobby Brown finds a friend from Stranger Things, it necessarily goes in all directions … The actress spends a moment with Noah Schnapp. The two friends are having fun on Tiktok!

Because at the moment, the life of the Eleven actress must seem long. She remains locked up at home! She thus remains confined with her family, in Georgia … Time must therefore seem long, far from her partners and the cameras.

But Millie Bobby Brown has resources! So she decides to spend some time on the net with Noah Schnapp. One plays Eleven in Stanger Things, the other plays Will Byers. Two friends in front of and therefore behind the camera…

And to spend this time of confinement, the two friends decide to post themselves on TikTok! With screens interposed, they decide to have fun … But above all to succeed in a very nice dance!

We discover a very nice video on the Tiktok account of Millie Bobby Brown! The two friends therefore launch Beautiful Girls by Sean Kington. Here we go ! We go in all directions, facing the camera…


The actress thus finds a way to keep in touch with her co-stars. But also a way to make time pass faster! Because she, of British origin, remains trapped in Georgia … One of the American states most affected by the Covid!

The governor of Georgia has in fact chosen to deconfigure his entire population after less than a week of closure … All the shops have therefore reopened. And the Covid is starting up again! Millie Bobby Brown steps aside.

But no question of being bored at home. The actress therefore spends time on social networks. She remains very active on Instagram, to tell her life story. To defend the BLM movement too …

Very special occupations for a 16 year old girl. But Millie Bobby Brown grew very quickly … And she becomes a personality to really follow!


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