Millie Bobby Brown from “Very Strange Cases” talked about one of her favorite scenes from season 4, which you may not have expected


Warning! Some Strange Things, Season 4, vol. 1 SPOILERS ahead. Come back as soon as you fully catch up!

A little more than a week has passed since everyone’s favorite supernatural drama finally returned with the first part of the new season, and the 4th volume of the 1st season of the series “Very strange things” has already made viewers think about a lot. While the wait of almost three full years has caused many people to come back to see what they needed to remember from season 3 of “Very Strange Cases,” the new episodes have certainly led to a lot of new questions and theories about everything from whether Max will be okay to why. The eleven in these memories are so different. However, now Millie star Bobby Brown has revealed one of her favorite scenes from Season 4, and you probably don’t expect it.

What, according to Millie Bobby Brown, is one of her favorite scenes of season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”?

I can’t imagine that anyone who watched the exciting set of episodes we got for season 4 of “Very Strange Things” didn’t have a few favorite scenes. Thus, it turns out that each of the actors has favorite scenes from the record-breaking season of “Very Strange Cases”. But when “Eleven” actress Millie Bobby Brown recently talked about a scene she liked from the first volume, she didn’t pay attention to a scene with a lot of action or a moment that gave fans a big revelation. As she said while continuing to watch Netflix:

One of my favorite scenes in Season 4 is the scene where Eleven tells Mike that he doesn’t love her the way she wants to be loved. I really like this scene; I think it’s very real and authentic. Is she worth it without her powers? Does he love her without her powers? Is she still that superwoman in his mind? It’s very emotional. I think it shows a real, real girl who is coping with her insecurities. I really liked it.

WOW. So this isn’t the scene where Eleven finally starts to regain her strength? Not at the moment when she’s trying to use her powers against the mean kids at school who are bullying her, just to make things worse for herself? Well, as Brown pointed out, it’s quite obvious that this little emotional scene between teenage lovers Eleven and Mike really touched her, and it definitely helped Eleven become one of the outstanding characters of season 4 of Very Strange Cases.

The scene in question takes place after Eleven has already taken revenge on Angela (recklessly and very publicly) for her bullying, and she cries because she does not fit into another group of children. Eleven finally found her people when she escaped from Hawkins’ lab, but now not only is everyone separated, but she and Mike aren’t as close as they used to be, and he doesn’t even tell her that he loves her in his many letters to her.

Millie Bobby Brown is right that it’s only natural for Eleven to wonder if Mike still loves her without her powers, since her ability to pull them out of serious problems and literally save the world must have been the big thing that attracted him to her. Now she’s just another kid being bullied in the group, and given that Mike is, let’s face it, a Class A jerk in relation to our beautiful Eleven, she has to wonder if she’s special enough for him to love her like he once did.

In Volume 1 of season 4 of “Very Strange Things,” we won’t find out why Mike seems to be moving away from “Eleven,” but fans will most likely see how they talked at least once about their romantic future when Volume 2 is released on Netflix on July 1. they have time to chat in the midst of all the horror of Vecna, which will need to be resolved. In the meantime, you can think about Stranger Things Season 4, Vol. 1 and formulate theories about what this will mean for the rest of the season!