Millie Bobby Brown, Florence by Mills beauty box


On Instagram, Millie Bobby Brown unveiled her superb Florence by Mills Christmas box. And frankly, we are a fan! We tell you more!

Millie Bobby Brown unveiled her sublime Florence by Mills Christmas box, on Insta. And frankly, we really want one!

Millie Bobby Brown is a star with many hats.

In fact, aged just 16, the young woman is at the same time an actress, producer and business woman. Just that !

Yep, besides being the main character in the hit series Stranger Things, and filming for big blockbusters like Godzilla II: King of the Monsters, and soon Godzilla vs Kong; the young woman is also a producer. Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown has, among other things, co-produced the Netflix film Enola Holmes. Awesome, isn’t it?

But that’s not all ! Indeed, the Stranger Things actress is also a seasoned business woman, who owns her own cosmetics brand Florence by Mills. Class, right?

Moreover, on Insta, the interpreter of Eleven has just unveiled the contents of his Christmas box Florence by Mills.

We tell you more!


On Instagram, in a short video posted on her personal account, Millie Bobby Brown presented the contents of her Florence by Mills Christmas box.

And frankly, after watching this video, we all dream of having this set for Christmas. Yes, this box is just great!

Indeed, in the box created by the star of Stranger Things, we find in particular three moisturizing gel pads for the under-eyes, a hydrating mist for the face in full-size version; and finally a lavender detox mask.

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In short, the perfect set to use after the Christmas holidays, to regain perfect skin!

We, in any case, add this superb box directly to our Christmas wishlist! And you ?


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