Millie Bobby Brown: she was a fan of Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana!

During the confinement, Miley Cyrus entertains her fans with her own talk show, broadcast on Live Instagram. She asks Millie Bobby Brown to join her, who makes a surprising announcement!

The majority of little girls loved spending hours watching the Hannah Montana episodes. Besides, they all wanted to become the girlfriend of the American sitcom star, played by Miley Cyrus.

And you have to believe that Millie Bobby Brown was one of her biggest fans! Yes, the stars also have idols! Indeed, the 16-year-old actress reveals it during her discussion with the principal concerned.

Indeed, Billie Raye Cyrus’ daughter wants to entertain her fans during the confinement period! Thus, the latter launched its own talk show, which it broadcast on Live Instagram.

Miley Cyrus receives several guests every evening for more than an hour, broadcast between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. based on the other Atlantic time zone. Like Millie Bobby Brown!

It is not seen ! And yet Millie Bobby Brown and Miley Cyrus love each other! In addition, they have common points. First, their first names are similar because of the phonic similarity. But that’s not all !

Indeed, the actress of Stranger Things and the sweetheart of Cody Simpson are similar on another point. The two young women both suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. So their dogs calm them down!

So, it’s a funny coincidence for Millie Bobby Brown to be so much like her idol! The 16-year-old actress has always loved the Hannah Montana star. She was obsessed with the series!

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Thus, Eleven of Stranger Things confesses his passion to him! “I knew all the dance movements by heart. […] Now, when I think back to my obsession, I knew I wanted your job, ”says the teenager.

In short, the 16-year-old actress absolutely wanted to “be like Hannah Montana”. Besides, she worked her American accent thanks to the American sitcom! In any case, this anecdote makes Miley Cyrus very happy!



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