Millie Bobby Brown: Exempt from parents


Millie Bobby Brown, 15, is one of the highest paid serial stars in the world. Much to the joy of her family. Because their parents cash in happily …

Millie Bobby Brown earns so much with “Stranger Things”
The cash register rings at her! With the Netflix series “Stranger Things” Millie Bobby Brown became a star overnight – and a millionaire. She earns $ 350,000 per episode! With season three alone, she made almost three million dollars.

However, she is not yet allowed to manage her assets herself: her parents Kelly and Robert take care of the business affairs of the 15-year-olds. And cash in on it yourself!

“You take Millie out like a Christmas goose”
Since Millie became one of the most successful series stars in the world, Kelly and Robert, who used to be so poor that they had no money to eat or rent, have been living in a luxury villa and driving expensive cars. And it should stay that way …

You take Millie out like a Christmas goose. She can only take extremely well paid jobs,

an insider knows. Kelly and Robert allegedly put more than half of Millie’s salary in their own pockets: “They think they deserve it”.

After all, it was the two who shooed their daughter from casting to casting until the long-awaited breakthrough finally came. Kelly and Robert will be delighted that Millie will bring home a whopping six million dollars for her newly-starred lead in “Enola Holmes” …


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