Millie Bobby Brown: Enola Holmes ve Stranger Things’de


She is only 16 years old. Yet Millie Bobby Brown can boast of having such a successful career so young. After dozens of supporting roles, the series “Stranger Things” propels her towards notoriety.

So today, Mariah Carey’s little protege has no less than 35.4 million followers on Instagram. Just that !

In fact, the teenager can count on the support of her fans on a daily basis. Some are ready to do anything to make her laugh.

And we must believe that the American giant of online streaming service too! Indeed, the official account has just shared a hilarious montage on Millie Bobby Brown.

Thus, we can see four pasted images. The premiere was taken from the movie “Enola Holmes”, in which the young girl is the main heroine.

In this excerpt, the actress says, “Well, I have a hat. It scratches my head. However, the pretty brunette does not wear a hat on her head.

So on the second image, Netflix found an extract from the series “Stranger Things” where she wears one. Same principle for the third and fourth image!


On the third, Millie Bobby brown remarks “not having gloves”. So on the fourth, we can see a passage from Stranger Things in which she wears one. Well seen !

In any case, this comparison between his role in the film “Enola Holmes” and that of “Stranger Things” amuses him a lot. So much so that she just posted this montage in her own story on Instagram.

Thus, we must believe that Millie Bobby Brown wanted to make his community laugh in turn. And it seems to work!

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