Millie Bobby Brown dazzles in Enola Holmes trailer


Millie Bobby Brown is ready to solve new mysteries in the 1800s as “Enola Holmes.” Netflix opted for a new detective and mystery story starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, the streaming platform will portray the sister of one of the most famous detectives in history. “Eleven” will leave her powers behind to follow her instincts and solve the most important case of her life.

Through its social networks, Netflix revealed the first teaser for “Enola Holmes”, a film that is scheduled to premiere on September 23 and that will focus on the life of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister.

In the preview, different characters that will be part of the life of “Enola” are introduced, as well as scenes of the disasters that the little detective will have to face, who seems to have a rebellious attitude towards her brother.

The film was set in the time of 1884, the plot will be unleashed when the Holmes’ mother disappears without a trace on the morning of “Enola’s 16th birthday” and, faced with the refusal of her family to try to find her, she initiates your own research.

For this film, Netflix adapted the books by Nancy Springer, whose story is very different from the well-known classic written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Some fans are excited to learn the story of this great cast.

“Enola” will challenge the customs that her brother tries to impose on her during the aristocracy while trying to solve the most important case of her life, she will also meet characters such as lords, fugitives and villains on her way.


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