Millie Bobby Brown dances to Lizzo’s “Juice”!


Millie Bobby Brown loves to sing and dance! The actress filmed herself on Instagram dancing to Lizzo’s song “Juice”.

Millie Bobby Brown has music in her skin on Insta. The Stranger Things actress has always loved to sing and dance, and she never hid it. The proof, she dances to a song by Lizzo.

As soon as she has the opportunity, the young woman, who was born in Spain, therefore dances a few steps. So she made her Instagram feed a clever mix between shootings, dance and singing videos.

Very fashionable, the young woman also follows big stars such as Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande. And if there is one singer the young woman loves, it’s Lizzo.

A few hours ago, the pretty brunette shared a video in which she dances to one of the singer’s most famous songs. The latter is none other than Juice.

The young woman therefore appears in the middle of a photo shoot, made up as never before, dancing standing on an armchair. And the least we can say is that the actress has rhythm in her skin.


And this is not the only video shared by Millie. Indeed, the pretty brunette has decided to share other videos where she shows her community her dancing prowess.

On the second video unveiled by the young woman, we can see her singing and dancing on one of the flagship titles of the ABBA group, Waterloo. Mils therefore appears natural, wearing a large XXL sweater bearing the inscription OKLAHOMA.

And since one video often hides another, Millie Bobby has unveiled a third artistic feat. This time, she is at home singing at the top of her lungs with her daddy.

The young woman commented on this series of videos, writing this: “A whole mood”. For 2021, Millie Bobby Brown has confided that she is praying for better days. So she posted this series of videos to put balm in the hearts of her followers.


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