Millie Bobby Brown as a couple with actor Noah Schnapp?


For some time now, some rumors have formed around Millie Bobby Brown. The teenager may be in a relationship with Noah Schnapp.

Gossip alert! A rumor has just set the Web on fire. Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp may be a secret couple!

Since meeting on the set of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have become inseparable. Besides, the young man loves to tickle his comrade.

Lately, he even replied to a hilarious tweet. The latter then proposed to tag two people who should be together. And according to the interpreter of Will Byers, his best friend and Finn Wolfhard would make the perfect couple!

A statement that immediately made the buzz on social networks. Indeed, fans of the series would love to see the couple Eleven and Mike form in real life.

Unfortunately, Millie Bobby Brown and her partner do not seem to share this opinion. So another rumor has just surfaced. What if the teenager was in a relationship with Noah?


Some time ago, fans were indignant at seeing the young Millie Bobby Brown display her couple with Jacob Sartorius on social networks.

Now “single”, she is said to have had a relationship with rugby player Joseph Robinson last January. But another rumor seems to be making headlines.

Eh yes ! the Stranger Things star could also date Romeo Beckham, David and Victoria’s son. Suffice to say that his relationship status is very confusing. In fact, everyone’s trying to figure out who Millie Bobby Brown is messing with.

At the moment none of his rumors seem to have been confirmed. Information remains very vague on this subject. Indeed, the young woman of 16 years seems, this time, to want to remain discreet about her private life after having revealed everything with Jacob.


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