Millie Bobby Brown Collaborates Pandora To Help Unicef!


Millie Bobby Brown is the face of the Danish brand Pandora. She collaborated with them to help Unicef!

Millie Bobby Brown is a very committed teenager. She decided to collaborate with the Pandora brand to help Unicef!

At only 16 years old, Millie Bobby Brown is already very involved. She did not hesitate to fight racial injustices after the death of George Floyd.

So she joined the Black Lives Matter movement. And therefore gave the floor to activists. Millie Bobby Brown also advocates for other causes.

Eh yes! She was then the youngest ambassador in the history of UNICEF. After becoming the happy face of the Pandora brand last year … So she decided to collaborate with them to help Unicef.

So she spoke of this wonderful collaboration: “I am happy to work with Pandora. I love Pandora. Because everyone can tell their own story. ”

On Friday July 17, Millie Bobby Brown therefore posted a message on her Instagram account. She is asking for help from her subscribers. The goal? Get as much money as possible.


She then said, “I want to tell you about my collaboration with Pandora for Unicef. You should know that since July, Pandora has been doing everything to provide UNICEF with the necessary equipment. And also support for vulnerable children. And young people affected by the pandemic. ”

The young woman then explains how to help: “Use the Pandora filter. And donate a dollar for the association. In order to recreate a better world for all children. ”

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One thing is certain! This collaboration is not trivial on the part of Pandora. And for good reason ! Millie Bobby Brown currently has 34.1 million Instagram followers.

Its great popularity will therefore allow Unicef ​​to collect a nice prize pool. Because fans of the “Stranger Things” actress have always supported her. And will therefore continue to do so.


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