Millie Bobby Brown close to her fans: she poses with them at the 2019 Atlanta Stranger Con!


The Atlanta Stranger Con was the meeting of the end of the year for Stranger Things fans. Millie Bobby Brown was there.

Millie Bobby Brown remains the undisputed star of the Stranger Thing show. The series asserts itself through a choice cast of which it is part. And behind the remarkable actress hides a generous young woman. As many fans have come to the Atlanta Stranger Con to notice.

Stranger Things seems to be slowly becoming the new trendy series. After two successful first seasons, the third convinced the last skeptics that the show carried by Millie Bobby Brown seemed essential. Thanks to a casting of choice, the series asserts itself. She also takes advantage of the end of Game of Thrones to grab the fans of this show. A series that works wonderfully.

And if Stranger Things seems so untouchable in the series world right now, it’s in part thanks to Millie Bobby Brown. Revealed in the show, she thrives in the role of Eleven. And has brought the series to its peak for three seasons. And in addition to being a great actress despite her young age, she is adorable in real life. As she was able to prove at the Stranger Con in Atlanta.

Millie Bobby Brown appeared ravishing at Stranger Con. The convention brought together certain actors from the series. He also presented some unpublished works. Heaven on earth for all fans of the series. Many goodies were also available to pay tribute to the special universe of the series.

If the actors appeared comfortable, the interpreter of Eleven really stood out. On Instagram, the actress even released some selfies taken with fans. Some lucky people who were able to share a moment with the actress. And she seems to be having a great time.

So, convinced by the young actress in the role of Eleven?


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