Millie Bobby Brown: Beauty line of the “Stranger Things” star is vegan for animal love

Stranger Things 3 Season Premiere Featuring: Millie Bobby Brown Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 28 Jun 2019 Credit: Apega/

Actress Millie Bobby Brown has recently launched her own beauty line. Animal additives were not used for the preparation Millie Bobby Brown (15) loves animals and beauty – but both things are not combinable for the young actress (‘Stranger Things’).

Their new beauty line, Florence by Mills, therefore consists of purely vegan products. Animals were not touched for production. These products include gels, concealers and skin cleansers.

Millie Bobby Brown had a clear priority
Millie’s goal with her collection was to appeal to her young fans. At the same time, they wanted to inform their buyers about how the products were made – without animal additives. Talking to ‘Teen Vogue’, she said, “Animals should have absolutely nothing to do with beauty, I mean, we should just admire their beauty and not abuse it, I love animals so much, and I’m planning on doing it I’m in love with animals, so from the first day I said, ‘I do not want animals to suffer for this line, I want them vegan, using plants, good vitamins, flower extracts, stuff like that . ‘ It’s also much healthier for your skin.”

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