Millie Bobby Brown beautiful with her Florentine Mills shine!


Millie Bobby Brown is all the rage with her cosmetics brand Florence by Mills! In story, the beauty has promoted her gloss!

Definitely, Millie Bobby Brown keeps getting people talking about her and her brand! Indeed, Florence by Mills is a real hit!

The young actress has done very well by entering the wellness and cosmetics market! If many stars have also released their make-up brand, it has managed to diversify!

Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown has focused on young skin. Thus, it targets a very specific but demanding clientele!

As she has explained many times, the actress has been on the set since she was young. Yet no product she tried really suited her …

So who better than her to create such a specialized brand? Well done Millie Bobby Brown!

And for the record, Florence by Mills bears this name in homage to her grandmother… Too touching!


The quality and the results of Florence by Mills are really all the rage, but Millie Bobby Brown is not resting on her achievements. What maturity!

So the beauty is constantly renewing herself and making her business grow! She therefore regularly releases new products and collections!

And as much to tell you that Millie Bobby Brown loves to promote Florence by Mills! Indeed, between two personal shots, shoots and pro shootings, she shows how great her brand is! Enough to make our mouths water!

Even today, in an Instagram story, the young woman made her subscribers want to buy a product! It’s a gloss duo! We love it, don’t you?

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And the prices are not ridiculous since for this cosmetic, you have to pay 15 dollars!



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