Home Celebrity Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey are inseparable!

Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey are inseparable!


Always so accomplices, Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey ambiancée on the title “Obsessed” of the very famous singer.

As you probably know, Millie Bobby Brown adores Mariah Carey. In her Instagram story, the very famous 17-year-old actress appears to be very close to the immense music star.

Very active on social networks, Millie Bobby Brown feeds her various accounts with exclusive content every day. And her fans love it!

Between fashion and beauty advice, behind the scenes of shoots, new announcements and exclusive photos from her shoots, Internet users don’t really have time to be bored.

They thus follow the activity of their idol with the greatest attention, in search of new little nuggets. And for once, there are very often every day.

As a result, the role of Eleven in the hugely successful series Stranger Things has nearly 43 million followers on Instagram, her favorite platform

She thus emerges as one of the most popular and influential British actresses in the world. Just that ! At only 17, it’s strong.

In fact, Millie Bobby Brown is friends with other very big stars. Among them, we find in particular a music icon. Eh yes !

You will probably understand, so it is about Mariah Carey. Yes, you did hear … The two stars adore each other and therefore do not hesitate to show it to everyone.

Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey as inseparable as ever!


On Wednesday February 24, Millie Bobby Brown therefore fed her Instagram story with a brand new unpublished video. Something to delight his millions of fans.

In the latter, the very famous actress of only 17 years old thus ambitions to the Obsessed sound of her great friend Mariah Carey. She loves this song!

That’s when a second person appears in the video … You might have guessed that, so it’s Mariah Carey herself! Yes, you did hear it.

The huge star of my music then began to dance alongside the young British actress. They are having a blast! You have to believe that they really love each other very much.

Surprised, Internet users then once again reacted en masse to their idol’s post. They still can’t believe it! At the same time … It’s really crazy!

Since her rise in the world of cinema, Millie Bobby Brown has never ceased to rub shoulders with stars. Not long ago, she even shot a movie alongside Henry Cavill, the very famous British actor.

The young actress plays her little sister in the film Enola Holmes, released on September 23, 2020 on Netflix. In fact, the public is impatiently awaiting the rest of her adventures!

We let you take a look at her story.



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