Millie Bobby Brown and Jason Bateman Are Working Together on The Series “The Girls I Was” For Netflix.


Millie Bobby Brown has established herself as a critically acclaimed actress in the entertainment industry, starring in such films and shows as “Enola Holmes”, “Enola Holmes 2”, “Godzilla vs. Kong”, “Godzilla”, “Stranger Things”, “American Family” and others. An 18-year-old girl is ready to add another feather to her already gorgeous hat with the movie “The Girls I Was.”

The Girls I Was” is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Tessa Sharp. Netflix acquired the rights to the disturbing thriller and invited Millie Bobby Brown to play the main role of Nora O’Malley. Fans will be treated to a treat, as Brown will be joined by American actor and producer Jason Bateman in the long-awaited film.

A look at the plot of The Girls I’ve Been

Millie Bobby Brown will also take on the role of executive producer of Netflix Original with her production studio PCMA Productions. Meanwhile, the actor from the Ozarks has also joined as another executive producer. If you follow the book, the suspense thriller will include a lot of trigger things and incidents, as it describes the journey of a person trying to overcome the lasting effects of trauma.

Being the daughter of a fraudster, the main character Nora¬†O’Malley has the art of merging with different characters. Throughout her life, she takes on different faces in order to deceive criminals and earn a living. Nora knows how to try unique things to save herself and her friends from life-threatening troubles.

After five years of living different lives, Nora is faced with a dangerous situation. She is being held hostage during a bank robbery, and she needs to do something extraordinary to escape from there safely.

When is the movie starring Millie Bobby Brown expected to be released?

Fans will have to wait to see the unique couple Millie Bobby Brown and Jason Bateman on the screen. “The Girls I Was” was announced in July 2020, but is still in the pre-production stage. There is no clarity yet as to when the film will be released. As What’s On Netflix mentions, Millie Bobby Brown’s busy schedule is one of the main reasons for the delay in filming. Last year, the actor was busy filming the 4th season of “Stranger Things” and the 2nd season of “Enola Holmes”.

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