Millie Bobbie Brown surprises and not for good she seems 40


What did! Millie Bobbie Brown surprises and not for good she seems 40! Criticism of the new look of the actress did not wait.

We must not forget that Millie Bobbie Brown is just a teenager and, perhaps for that reason, some of her followers jumped from their chairs, surprised, at Millie’s latest look: blonde and with California waves, the actress moved away from the Image as well known.

The British actress and model is only 15 years old but her journey in the entertainment world is incredible and worthy of admiration. The young woman rose to fame for her interpretation of the role of Once, in the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. And this year we witnessed her film debut, with the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

But what most caught the attention of the new look of the Emmy-nominee was her face, which for many looked “unnatural” and even wondered if botox had not been injected.

Some may simply not support the fact that Millie is growing up and that she wants to leave her childish image behind, to become a woman.

Millie Bobbie Brown’s defenders say the criticism is only exaggeration of malicious haters, who are looking for the cat’s fifth leg.

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