Miller confirmed he won’t be back in season 6


Actor Wentworth Miller confirmed that he is out of Prison Break, as the character of the series no longer identifies with him, in addition to supporting the LGBTI community.

Prison Break has been one of the most spectacular series that the Fox network has produced, which takes us into the story of Michael Scofield, an impressive genius who devises a plan to get his brother out of jail.

Although the series only had 4 seasons, Wentworth Miller returned as Michael Scofield returned for one more in 2016, and although many did not like it, the season was a success and the arrival of the sixth has been confirmed, in which the protagonist will not be.

In the last hours the famous actor revealed that he will not return to his role for the next season, and the reason has a lot to do with his sexual orientation and the LGBT community.

Wentworth Miller will not return to Prison Break

As we informed you in La Verdad Noticias, last September, the famous actor Dominic Purcell, who is also the protagonist of the series giving life to Lincoln Burrows, Michael’s brother, confirmed the sixth season of the series.

If you were a fan of this incredible production, you will know that many fans were waiting to see the reunion of the brothers after the events of the fifth season, something that will no longer happen because Wentworth Miller rejected the role.

According to the site NME.COM, the famous actor made a post on Instagram to combat bullying and discrimination against the LGBT community and took the opportunity to confirm that he is officially out of Prison Break.

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Gay community receives support from the actor

In case you did not know, the actor openly declared himself gay, so he apologized to his fans for not returning to the show, but also declined if some fans were upset by falling in love with a heterosexual character played by a gay man.

In his post, Wentworth Miller revealed that he has a lot of power and that he cannot be attacked, but his account is a space that children who have just discovered their sexual identity could visit and does not want to expose them to the tricks of trolls.

This is how the famous Michael Scofield came to an end, so fans of the series are intrigued by what the future of Prison Break will be in season 6 without its main protagonist, and it could even mean the end of it.


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