What do these millennial terms you read on the social media mean?


If you do not understand these terms of social networks, we explain their meaning.

Social networks have become an important means of communication between people, thanks to its immediacy, the world finds out almost everything at the same time, they have even functioned as a platform to ask for help, denounce, or make some social cases viral. .

They are also of great help to artists, as trends drive the promotion of their work . Twitter , mainly, has become one of the favorite apps of Internet users, there are debates, memes, but also many terms that you may not understand or your parents will look at WTF.

We leave you a list with the terms most used by so-called millennials so that you can use them and better understand their meaning .

If you are not a fan of video games, you will not understand. But in the “Call of duty” saga, there is a scene from the funeral of one of the characters, the console tells you to press the F key on your remote to “honor” his death. Millennials have transformed this simple letter as an expression when something sad happens to you or something goes wrong.

“BTS canceled their tour, F”

It is when you are very excited about something, but instead of expressing a simple state of mind, “Hype” represents everything or that you are living, screaming, emotions, crying, nerves when something is about to happen, even if you don’t know how it is going to happen. result.

“The hype for Blackpink’s comeback is real”

It is a way of saying that something makes you feel sorry, when someone posts something very embarrassing or too exaggerated about a person, artist or situation, if you are not a fan of TikTok and it causes you disgust when watching the videos of said app, that bittersweet feeling it is the “cringe”, it is pronounced “crinjch”.

Contractions in English …
Tbh: to be honest, say what you think about something

Idk: I don’t know, I don’t know, doubt something …

Btw: By the way, mention something related or that you remembered about a certain topic or that people should know.

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“The boy I like, the girl I like”, this word replaced the way to call the person you fell in love with. It can be a platonic love too, which is when that person does not love you the same or has a partner. “My crush ignored me”, “Like and I speak to my crush”.

Your heart was crushed by that person.

Unlike your BFF, best friend forever, this term is used for that special person, not necessarily in a romantic way, but the one who is your confidant, knows your secrets or someone for whom you would give everything.

“Before any else”, my Bae.

We know that you have your contacts in each social network, but you may not like someone or you don’t want to follow that person, “Stalker” is someone who messes with the profiles of others to see what he publishes, who he talks to , who is followed, etc.

It is a way to invade the privacy of people, the best thing is to send a friend request, it is also bad if you are in a relationship or your crush ignores you, there are things that can hurt you.

It is an expression of Argentina. It is similar to “Okno”, when you say a joke and want to emphasize it just use “AHRE”.

“In this quarantine I have so much free time that I confessed to my crush, ahre”

Ok Bommer
It is a term used for those people who do not understand millennials or generation Z, you can usually identify that person by “In my time …”, “Before this was not done”, “The generations of now …. “,” What is this about …. “, etc.

Saying “Ok bommer” is similar to “Whatever you say …” or calling them bitter.

It’s a new way of calling artists’ fans. “Stan from K-pop”, “Stan from Ariana Grande”. Simple. It is a way to explain your support, dedication and love towards your favorite celeb .


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