Did Milla Jasmine take Nacca for a jerk? Out of silence!


The arrival of Mujdat in LMvsMonde 4 is still talking! Indeed, this time, it is Nacca, the ex Milla Jasmine, who wished to speak on this sequence!

Last Friday, W9 made an audience score with the reality show! The reason ? The sudden arrival of Mujdat in the program! Indeed, the ex-Milla Jasmine came to settle accounts with the latter … But not that! He also informed the candidates present that he was still in a relationship with her! Information that has created a real earthquake in the house.

Indeed, the first days, Milla Jasmine had declared that she was single! So, the beautiful brunette had not hesitated to put herself with another man, Nacca! Only, he discovers, despite himself, he is not the only one to share the life of Milla … For the first time, Nacca has just spoken on this TV sequence now cult!

It is in Nikola Lozina’s story Snap Cat that Nacca wanted to express herself. Indeed, the latter asks him how he lived the arrival of Mujdat. “What do you have to say about this poignant sequence? So says Laura Lampika darling, curious to know the feelings of his friend. What the ex Milla Jasmine responds. “It was not easy! I did not know who to believe! I had to take a step back! Indeed, there was evidence brought by Mujdat … But it was before I started with Milla. Maybe she has a little rounded the angles saying that she was no longer with, but she was still honest. I can not blame him. The story is very complicated. Nacca concludes.

For now, the man is no longer with the beautiful Milla Jasmine! Indeed, following the arrival of Mujdat, the latter decides to make a “break” with him in the program. And judging by her participation in the Princes and Princesses of Love 7 thereafter, we can understand that the young woman was therefore single at the end in Marseilles vs. The Rest of the World 4.


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