Milky Way Prince: The Vampire Prince, analysis


A semi-autobiographical visual novel that explores themes such as mental health, sex, idealization and violence within the couple.

Love is one of the universal themes that allows easy connection in the user. It’s easy to relate to a fictional romance, and video games have explored romantic relationships in multiple ways. From creating a romantic interest that motivates an epic feat, as in Shadow of the Colossus; or a love triangle in which the player chooses their favorite partner, as in The Witcher 3, even dating simulators that allow us to live a passion story. However, few titles dare to expose a dark side of love that has little to do with the ideal that we usually see in the media. Lorenzo Redaelli and Eyeguys present the visual novel Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star, a semi-autobiographical story that crudely explores themes such as spousal abuse, idealization and intimacy. Published by Santa Regione, we can enjoy it on Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Santa Regione has acclaimed works such as Wheels of Aurelia or Saturnalia in its catalog, and this time it opts for a disturbing visual novel, which deals with a destructive story that flees from Manichaeism and superficial morality. Here we experience a doomed romance with two imperfect, deranged and fragile protagonists, and how reality destroys the concepts about love that fairy tales sell us.

The prince who came from the stars

Nuki is a lonely boy, without self-esteem and passionate about astronomy. Obsessed with a fairy tale about a fallen prince of the Milky Way, he meets Sune, on whom he projects all his ideals on love. Sune, for her part, also lives her own personal hell and immediately warns her new love that he is a dangerous guy who should not be involved with. However, attraction ends up defeating reason. And this is how two broken souls plunge into a turbulent spiral of passion, dependence and violence.

Throughout about 4 hours of play, we will guide the romance through decisions and dialogue choices that will not always give the result we expect, and Milky Way Prince himself is in charge of dismantling habits acquired from a regular dating simulator. Thus, the expectations we place on stocks will not always give the result we want. Even the changes between the chosen option and how it plays out in the game are an effective metaphor for the difference between intention and action. In this way, a hyperrealistic idea about the couple’s relationship is transmitted to us, since feelings and circumstances are not always subject to our control.


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