Milk Production and Quality of Cows Wearing Virtual Reality Glasses


VR (virtual reality) technology, which adds new experiences to our lives, creates different effects on animals as well as changing our lives. In Russia, a significant increase in milk production was observed when VR glasses were worn on cows.

Farmers in Russia are looking for new solutions to increase the milk supply of cows, and VR (virtual reality) glasses are the last of these solutions. More interestingly, farmers found what they were looking for in their experiments. Virtual reality glasses mounted on cows on a farm near Moscow yielded fruit in a short time.

Cows wearing VR goggles find themselves in the vast meadows on the grass on a summer day. The emotional recovery of the cows who watch these images with a ‘big appetite’ is directly reflected in milk production. In the study, a simulated summer day view was reflected in a VR glasses tailored to the eyes of the animals, a much more beautiful sight than a plain farm.

As a result of the tests, it was found that the cows’ emotional well-being and the quality and quantity of milk they gave increased. It was shared that the images projected on the virtual reality glasses reduced the anxiety of the animals and this effect was reflected in the milk.

The press release, on the other hand, said the experiment was not conducted by a university or research institution, but by the news site ‘’, which broadcasts for the Russian dairy industry.


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