“Milk cheeks”: Novalanalove gave the baby a cute nickname


Novalalanalov (31 years old) seems completely crazy about her! The influencer, whose real name is Farina Opoku, has been documenting her entire life on the Internet for many years. Of course, during pregnancy she took her fans with her. Since the birth of her daughter named Nola, there have been many photos of babies — as now: at the same time, Farina told how she lovingly calls her daughter!

In her Instagram profile, she shared photos of her visit to the restaurant, which, of course, included her child. Farina said in the caption that it was the first time she ate Naked. At the same time, she revealed a cute detail. She calls her little miracle “milk cheeks“!

While she happily bites pizza, Farina holds Baby Nola — multitasking, no problem! “Very cute, but as a mom, you have to get used to new eating habits, don’t you,” the user joked under the post about mom’s life.


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