Miley Cyrus: zebra pants and glittery cowboy boots, her look caused a sensation!


Miley Cyrus caused a sensation on social networks with her new look. His zebra pants and boots won over fans.

Miley Cyrus is trying a new look . She unveiled a rockier style than ever on her Instagram account. The fans seem to be won over by the star’s outfit!

When it comes to trying new things, Miley Cyrus is always ready to take the first step. This time, she has just adopted a whole new style which will delight her. Since the start of the year, the 27-year-old woman has been wearing very Rock’n Roll outfits. Between chain hanging on pants, cowboy boots and big rings, the pretty blonde literally transforms.

And even if Miley Cyrus has always had this slightly crazy side, the singer is, since 2020, more rock than ever. Yesterday, she posted a photo on her favorite social network to show her sublime outfit to her fans. And for sole comment, she wrote under the post: ” A day in Watt shoes (it’s certainly safer than in his brain) (By the way, it’s Bean saying” hurry up and take the Photo “). ”

In savannah animal fashion, Miley Cyrus therefore chose to wear striped pants. And to sublimate this collector’s item, the singer decided to put on a pair of silver sequined boots. A rather severe contrast which, ultimately, makes it quite good. Indeed, to accompany his pants and his flashy shoes, a simple gray t-shirt did the trick. Very cute, she then posed on the stairs with her little dog in her arms.

Fans seem to have been completely won over by this original outfit since almost 800,000 have liked the post of Miley Cyrus. “You are too cute” ; “Magnificent” or “A Queen” . The positive comments were then chained under the photo of the interpreter of Wrecking Ball ! Its look is therefore 100% validated.


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