Miley Cyrus very worried: She is afraid for her family in Nashville


Miley Cyrus very worried: She is afraid for her family in Nashville. On her Instagram account, Miley Cyrus shared a photo with her family. She is very worried about the latter who is in Nashville!

While the coronavirus does not stop talking about it, some news is forgotten. In Tenesse, violent tornadoes killed around 20 people. Miley Cyrus is very worried about her family.

This Tuesday, March 3, Miley Cyrus posted a new black and white photo on her Instagram account. She appears in a house, with several members of her family. All welded together, they appear happier than ever.

A lot of love emerges from this photo. Very pained by what is happening in Nashville, Miley Cyrus could not help having a big thought for her loved ones. She is very happy that nothing has happened to them.

In caption of her Instagram photo, the singer also wrote: “Thinking about my house and family in Nashville and how lucky I was that my place and my loved ones stayed safe in these deadly tornadoes. My heart is broken for my original state. So much loss and damage . ”

Miley Cyrus also added : “We are Strong Nashville and rebuild together ! Follow @happyhippiefdn for updates on shelters and ways to get active! I receive information as quickly as everyone at this point, so stay tuned and we will share the information as soon as possible! ” .

With her picture, the young woman has also collected more than 146,000 “likes” in just twenty minutes from her fans. In the comments, they gave their full support to the victims of the tornadoes but also to the family of Miley Cyrus.

The latter also uses its notoriety for a good cause. She hopes that many people will mobilize to help the victims . Many internet users also hope that tornadoes will not cause more death and damage.

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