Miley Cyrus with tears tribute to the memory of Taylor Hawkins


Miley Cyrus got excited paying tribute to her late friend and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins on the Lollapalooza Brazil stage.

On March 26, the singer kept her promise to dedicate her performance at the festival to her late friend, whose band canceled their day off at the event after his shocking death at the age of 50 the day before. On the stage of the show, Miley told the audience that she recently spoke with Hawkins, whom she called after she survived an emergency landing of an airplane last week.

“We had to make this emergency landing, and the first person I called was Taylor, because he was already at the festival,” Miley told the Lollapalooza Brazil audience, bursting into tears. “And that would have been the time when I could have seen my friend, and I didn’t. So I’m very sad.”

He continued: “I would do anything to talk to him again. But I know every time I go on stage, and every time I play with my band – that if something ever fucking happened for any of them it would fucking kill me, so I couldn’t imagine what the Foo Fighters were feeling today.”

Miley then dedicated her song “Angels Like You” to Hawkins, singing a heartfelt ballad as his smiling photo was shown behind her and members of their crowd waved lit phones.

She later wrote on her Instagram along with a video of part of her performance: “THE LAST NIGHTS SHOW IN BRAZIL IS DEDICATED TO MY FRIEND AND LEGEND #TAYLORHAWKINS.”

Cyrus wasn’t the only artist to pay homage to Hawkins on stage after his death. At his band Coldplay’s Saturday concert in Monterrey, Mexico, frontman Chris Martin dedicated his song “Everglow” to the late drummer.

“We heard that our friend from a wonderful band called Foo Fighters passed away, and we weren’t sure if we should talk about it at this concert, but we should, because they are our friends and we care about them. about them, and we feel we have to send the Foo Fighters love,” Martin told the audience. “Because we all knew Taylor, their drummer, who was a very handsome man.”