Miley Cyrus turns on Instagram with photos on TOPLESS!


Miley Cyrus returns to scandals after posting some of her hottest photos on Instagram, topless!

Miley Cyrus managed to cause a great uproar among her Instagram followers and several Internet users after sharing some of her most ardent photos, where the singer was practically topless.

Recall that Miley Cyrus has positioned herself as one of the most popular artists in the music industry, where several of her singles have positioned themselves among the favorites for millions of people.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that this 27-year-old singer has starred in some of the biggest scandals in show business, for having one of the most controversial lives and personalities.

Miley Cyrus turns on Instagram

Her success plus her constant scandals have also positioned her as one of the most popular artists on social networks, where at least on her Instagram account we can see that she exceeds 114 million followers.

And precisely through this platform, Miley Cyrus has generated a new controversy by sharing a series of photographs where she is seen wearing a transparent blouse and without a bra underneath.


As expected, this photograph of the topless singer has become a trend among her Instagram followers, adding more than 3.2 million likes and hundreds of comments in less than a day.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time that Miley Cyrus shares this type of content with her followers, since on several occasions she has challenged censorship on social networks for her daring images.

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