Miley Cyrus tricked by Cody Simpson? We know more!


Following an appearance alongside a young woman on the streets of New York, Cody Simpson is accused of having cheated on Miley Cyrus!

Cody Simpson has been charged with cheating on Miley Cyrus for a photo that goes around social media. The young man appears alongside a young blonde woman. We explain to you!

At first, internet users began to have doubts about their relationship. Because for the past few days they haven’t posted anything together on the networks. It must be said that in their early days we got used to seeing a bunch of pictures of them. Then a snapshot of Cody Simpson began to panic, he appeared with a woman on the streets of New York. Also, on the same day Miley Cyrus made a very intriguing tweet about a Christmas when she was nostalgic and missed someone dear to her heart.

So all these details added up suggest that the couple was no longer together at all! It takes little for fans of the couple to start rumors. Then this photo did not help matters. Fortunately the singer can count on the support of his agent Ace Showbiz as well as his sister Alli Simpson who have restored the truth to the media! Information that will reassure the fans of the couple.

It is doubtful that the singer could deceive Miley Cyrus after 3 months of relationship. So we learn that the young woman in question is none other than Jordy Murray the Playmate of December. As his sister Alli Simpson said, this is the girlfriend of his best friend Ryan McCarthy whom he visited. So there is no ambiguity! In addition, she explains that her brother is going to spend the holidays with Miley Cyrus at her family.

So there is nothing to worry about believing these statements. As for his agent Ace Showbiz, he explains that all these allegations are false! “There is absolutely no truth to this story. Cody was going out with a friend and everything else is made. Point. “He said in a statement. Case to follow regarding Miley Cyrus’ tweet……


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